Tasty Coffee

Tasty Coffee

Bonnie owns a beautiful home along the Elkhart River near Elkhart. She has the inside of her home decorated in a mix of beautiful antiques, eclectic art and hardwood. After a kitchen makeover Bonnie realized that she really wanted an island for more counter space but did not want a typical island. After searching for the right piece, she found an antique buffet at a consignment auction and fell in love with it. “Finding it and restoring was the hard part. Having Jerry and his crew install the top was the easy part”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed pretium ipsum ac nunc tristique sagittis. Nullam tincidunt, leo sit amet rhoncus consectetur, turpis felis semper ipsum, sed lobortis est lacus non neque. Sed dui tortor, mattis non lacinia eu, pellentesque vitae justo. Pellentesque consequat sapien sed vehicula tincidunt. Maecenas pharetra, purus non tempus interdum, felis turpis commodo ante, ut auctor mi lacus ut eros. Duis fermentum vulputate est, vel molestie nulla suscipit non. Pellentesque arcu ex, viverra sed ultrices tempus, aliquet id mauris. Etiam quis orci sed tortor imperdiet tristique. Pellentesque id scelerisque justo, vel aliquam felis. Quisque maximus iaculis libero, et convallis neque dapibus a. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc commodo at tellus non tristique. Nulla eu pharetra lorem. Donec orci erat, luctus quis semper vel, fringilla vel nisi. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.

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Project Details

The countertops are Itialian granite form Levintina and the island is Corian Solid Surface
Granite= London Fog. Corian = Sorrel .
“The island was really the easy part” according to Katy Burger, Business Development Manager at Leading Edge. The “Triple Lundy Bull Nose” edging really sets off the flowing colors in the Corian Sorrel.

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