Forever Beautiful Countertops

Contractors Only

Contractors, First of all, thank you for your participation in our special “Contractors Only” program for your customers.


Our goal is to make this easy for you and as simple for your client as possible. Below is the standard operating procedures that we will use when fabricating countertops for your projects:


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  6. Information to contact Amber:Email Amber at aelliott@leadingedgefabrication.netCall Amber at 574.658.3291  Fax Amber at (do you have a fax number?)


Link to Sample Page

Feel free to either go over the color options with your client or send them the above link so that they can view the samples in the comfort of their home.


We offer a rebate program for Quartz at $50/slab for the year for all your orders in the program throughout the year.

Builders program include a stainless steel double bowl sink for kitchens. White or Bisque oval bowl for bathrooms.